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Whether you're taping a show in a studio, collaborating on screenplays, or making a video game, Scripto helps you do your best work and save time while you do it.
Scripto is your team’s shared brain from conception through production. Ditch last century’s soul-crushing tools and unlock your project’s true potential. Made by professional creators, for professional creators.
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Upgrade to an Award-Winning Workflow

Scripto reduces friction and enables collaboration at every step of the writing and production process. See why Scripto teams move faster and work better together.
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Collaborative Scriptwriting.

Whether you’re writing in the same room, in the same Zoom, or across time zones, Scripto keeps everyone on the same page.
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Intelligent Rundowns.

Rundowns are customizable and script-aware, letting production teams turn a script into a spreadsheet fast.
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Organizational Hub.

Keep your docs in a secure central location, and manage who has access to them. Less email, we promise.
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Trusted by Top Teams For Years

See who’s making some of your favorite TV and games with a little help from Scripto.

Studio TV

Scripto powers the world-class writing process at Emmy-winning shows like Last Week Tonight and The Late Show. If you’re taping a variety or talk show in studio, use the same specialized workflows that help our clients stay on time and on point.

Video Game Studios

If your game prioritizes narrative design or features multiple content contributors, Scripto lets you run a professional writing process in a cozy editorial environment that integrates directly with your build pipeline via our API.

Writers Rooms

Whether you’re writing a scripted comedy, a sketch show, or a podcast, Scripto brings true collaboration to the writers room.

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Scripto is free for up to 3 collaborators with our basic studio and screenplay formats. Sign up now and try it out!
For larger teams, we tailor plans and pricing to your team size, production order, and feature needs.

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Get in touch for a customized demo and free trial of our paid features, or any reason at all!