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Whether you're taping a show in a studio, collaborating on screenplays, or making a video game, Scripto helps you do your best work and save time while you do it.

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Writers seamlessly edit the same script at the same time

True Collaboration.

Write with others in the same script at the same time, with automatic and flexible industry-standard formatting for variety shows, screenplays, video games, and more. You deserve better than Google Docs!

Change Tracking.

No matter what you’re writing, planning, or producing, the only constant is change. Scripto tracks changes and saves backups as you work, and generates shareable change reports you can share with your whole team. Never again will you buy a prop that got cut two drafts ago.
A writer scrolls through a side-by-side changlelong of a script.
A writer scrolls through a smart rundown.

Smart Rundowns.

It’s a law of modern work: Everything becomes a spreadsheet eventually. Scripto’s Rundowns let you do it with the click of a button. Drag and drop any script into our customizable grids and see the magic for yourself.

Studio TV Features.

If you’re taping a variety or talk show in a studio, Scripto offers you the same specialized workflows that help our Emmy-winning clients stay on time and on point. Get precise timing estimates, integrate with teleprompter systems, and generate two-column director scripts with ease.
A user scrolls through a smart rundown.
Tooning Out The News requires such a fast writing and production process. Scripto allows us to efficiently and reliably collaborate on scripts, punch up jokes, rewrite, export production-friendly drafts, and more.”
R.J. Fried
Executive Producer
Tooning Out the News

Screenplay Format

Scripted shows using the industry-standard screenplay format can now have true collaboration in the writers room. It's also great for pre-taped sketches at variety shows. Before you buy the new Final Draft, try Scripto for free!

A writer edits a formatted screenplay.
A user scrolls through a video game script.

A Missing Piece for Video Games.

If your game prioritizes narrative design or features multiple content contributors, Scripto lets you run a professional writing process in a cozy editorial environment. We support the Ink interactive scripting language and our API makes it easy to integrate with your build pipeline.
“It feels like this was made specifically for us, specifically for this project.”
Adam Saltsman


Scripto is free for up to 3 collaborators with our basic variety and screenplay formats. Sign up now and try it out!

For larger teams, we tailor plans and pricing to your team size, production order, and feature needs. Get in touch for a customized demo and free trial of our paid features.

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